article 'new inbreng in salsa'

Latin -Emagazine (NL): New input in Salsa 

“Her album is resounding through the speakers in Latin America and connoisseurs of Salsa Dura and Latin Jazz are taken by her work! “


review- ntb muziekwereld & Radio 6

Muziekwereld & Radio 6 (NL):

“Maria Catharina launched with OBSESIÓN a playful, new and fresh-sounding album to the world. Enjoy!”


review- Mixed World Music

Mixed World Music(NL):

“OBSESIÓN is a great debut album that strikes a new path and definitely tastes like more.”

review- DJ EL Chino Solar Latin Club

DJ El Chino, Solar Latin Club (COL):

“OBSESIÓN is one of the most beautiful releases coming from Europe in a decade. Elements of Son, Timba, Rhythm n’ Blues and Jazz complement each other perfectly with the grand voice of Maria Catharina.”


review pleasure magazine

Pleasure Magazine (NL):

                “Gorgeous voice, captivating music: OBSESIÓN is pure enjoyment.”